Thursday, March 6, 2014

Self Therapy I sit here starting my new and blog and first post, I am at The West Clinic Comprehensive Breast Center in my home town. This is actually calming my nerves as I sit waiting to be called back for another mammogram. I just had one in December which turned out fine but my mother nurse decided I should get a second opinion which just makes good sense. Let me tell you I have the worst nerves evah, yes just like that. The first mammogram I had in December made me a flat out wreck, my hormones were all over the dang place causing symptoms that I didnt know could happen. Including burning mouth syndrome, what the heck, think it aint real look it up.  After two weeks and i don't know how many peices of gum later, it finally went away. So anyways this is kind of relaxing...I am not as nervous as I was the first time though, my husband was with me then and I am alone this time which is sort of eerie(que scary music). At least I had some one to talk to dont feel Iike playing games on the phone so I decided to blog. Been thinking about doing this for a while cause my life aint perfect and I felt like this would be a good self-therapy starting point, even though I already see one in real life, like I said before my life is not perfect but I am not complaining.  I know God is in controI of all things.  I dont even know where to start on all that other jazz in my life so I think I will end now until later on plus I keep having typos that I keep having to fix trying to type on this phone. Toodles!

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