Sunday, March 9, 2014

Self Therapy

Happy Sunday morning!! A post before I even hit the ground today, because I am such an awesome and busy mom I had no time to update Saturday, let me get some things off my chest before I get ready for church.
So I left off at The Breast Center.....finally made it to the back to see the new doctor an hour and a half after signing in, I just cant figure out why it takes so dang long to see doctors, they tell you to be there 15 early and then you wait forever only to be seen hours later and then spend 10 minutes with the doctor, I will never understand. Thats why I always make early appointments cause I cant handle it. Anyways, the doc was so nice and funny, he didnt come in making me feel scared and overwhelmed. You know how you get that "feeling" sometimes and you think uh uh he is not the one. Well he put me at ease right away. I showed up where the knot was, he felt me up real quick and then did an ultrasound. His words: I have some thickening under my left breast, a little under the right but not as pronounced, he did not see anything that looks like it could be cancerous, it looks like it may be fibrocystic as it was said before. One thing I did do was let him take some sample to send in and be looked at, I am at a 3% risk  but for a peace of mind and put me at 1% I could let him stick my booby which I did and it wasnt as bad as I thought. I should hear something back by Monday or Tuesday and I am set up to see him in two more months if all is well.
I felt really good about this visit, for one I got to actually talk to a doctor and get some actual care as opposed to the last one where I never saw the doctor to talk about the situation, they just sent me on my way after the technician went to the back to see the him on my behalf and then came back to tell me all is well. Don't get me wrong this first place was a breast center too and very reputable but still using my own voice to ask questions is nice.
Sometime you have to be your own health advocate, know one knows your body like you do. Which leads me to my next therapy session: infertility. Yep I said the word and I am not ashamed. The first step to healing is admitting. Now to get ready for church. Until next time...

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